Sunday, June 29, 2014

ServiceNow Survey Wizards: Redirect at the end of the survey

You would think it would be really simple to specify where you want to go when you are done with a Survey created by a Survey Wizard.  You'd be mostly right.

If you select the Survey Wizard in question, you'll notice that there is nothing on the page, because, well, that'd be too easy.  You'll need to Personalize the form and add 'Redirect' to the form. After that, it is a 40 character (beware long urls) string field that you can put in a url that you will be redirected to at the end of the survey.

Do not waste your time by trying to use a redirect panel. They don't seem to work. If you do go down the redirect panel path and wonder why they aren't showing up on the main survey wizard panel under 'survey panels', that's because you need to personalize the form and add 'redirect panels' as its own tab. 

What would have been nicer is if everything were hidden. That way, you'd know to go look.  Rolling 1d4 to see if the field should be hidden seems bordering on cruel and inhumane.

If you are on Eureka, it looks like there is a newer survey mechanism so all this may be moot.

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