Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Zalman ZM-NC2000 and Dell E6500

I'm annoyed by laptop coolers in principle, like the Zalman NC-2000. Any decent laptop should have been designed with sufficient cooling in mind for mostly normal use. I mean, I don't have to buy an add-on radiator for my car.

I'm even more annoyed that this unit works well for my Dell Latitude E6500. It isn't a low end configuration: the CD-ROM bay has a 1.8" SSD, a 250GB disk drive in the SATA bay, 8GB physmem, T9600 CPU and a SSD in the ExpressCard slot. Nevertheless, I still found it surprising that under some stress in an air conditioned office, the system, sitting flat on a desk, would heat up enough that the machine needed to drop the clock rate down.

After installing Speedfan, I saw the core temperatures top 70C without the cooler. That's just nuts.

With the cooler, there really isn't much noise and the keyboard (or any part of the machine) isn't even getting warm.

So, I'm annoyed it is actually working which means that I'll want to pack it on business trips (and it isn't all that portable...).

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