Thursday, August 20, 2009

HP order tracking

I'm amazed at how much of a lead Dell still has with regards to their internal IT.

When I place an order with Dell, I have one place to look for my order status. It is updated frequently and is usually fairly accurate. I can get email notifications of shipment and all the stuff you'd expect these days.

I placed an order with HP. The email confirmation sends me to an order status web site that never seems to update. Since it was past the ship date on that site and still no tracking information, I had to call (as that was the only suggestion on the web page. I call the number on the web page and the person I finally talked to (after being transferred 3 times with 3 different numbers and hung up on once during a transfer) said they had to check the warehouse and would email me back within 3 hours. That happened as stated but the news wasn't good.

I get an email back and a different URL to check on the order status, this one seems it may actually be updated in which it says that on 8/13 (the day after I placed the order), the ship date was moved back to 9/14.

Too bad Dell doesn't have a good competitor to the HP Mini 5101 at this point.

Update: The 5101 arrived earlier but it still missed the trip I wanted to take it on - by, of course, 1 day. HP was unable to change the shipping to next-day (which would have resulted in coming in on time) but they did refund me the shipping charge since it shipped after they stated it would. FWIW, I still prefer my experiences with Dell.

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W. said...

Similar experience with HP order tracking and pushing back the delivery date several times. However, Dell sales rep abandoned me after a couple of e-mailed questions and when no response, a phone call which was not returned. So I bought the server from HP.