Monday, February 16, 2009

Dell Latitude E6500 virtualization BIOS option

With BIOS A11 on the Dell Latitude E6500 with the Intel T9600 CPU, if you want to enable the Intel VT extensions so VMware Workstation can run a 64bit VM, you need to have the 'Trusted Execution' Virtualization BIOS option set to OFF.

If you have it set to ON, the VMware CPU check says that the CPU supports 64bit but is turned off on the BIOS.


Faro said...

Seems to be also true with A12 bios.
Thanks for the post.

Aaron said...

In my case I was using a Dell Latitude E5400 and I had previously enabled Trusted Execution, but due to some bug in the BIOS the check box appeared to be cleared. So I was being fooled into thinking it was already off. I had to actually click the check box twice to toggle it on and then off again, then click apply.