Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's an extra 32 bits?

One may think that now that EMT64 extensions are common in laptop, desktop and server chips that it should be no problem running an 64bit operating system.

(It is somewhat amusing to consider what one is optimistic about and what one is pessimistic, or realistic, about.)

With this brand-new Dell Latitude D830 with 4GB of physical memory, one isn't forced to run a 64bit operating system, but, hey, why not? Got this Vista x64 ISO chewing up disk space on another machine so why not put it go good use?

Well, the answers as to why not vista x64 are currently:
  • No Bluetooh driver (Dell D360)
  • Video driver crashes daily; sometimes even more (luckily all this means is that the screen freezes for a second or two and then comes back).
  • Palm Treo 700p drivers won't load (even though the Palm Desktop installs ok
On the bright side, the SATA AHCI drivers loaded and seem to be running fine

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