Friday, July 22, 2005

Shuttle SN25P and RAID5

It isn't that hard to convince yourself that the Shuttle SN25P supports RAID5. After all, it says it has the NVIDIA nForce4 ultra chipset and one of NVIDIA's pages indicate that RAID5 is now available. Not only that, you click on the NVIDIA RAID link on Shuttle's product page and the NVIDIA page prominently mentions RAID5..

Given the cookie cutter/cut 'n paste nature of some of the reviews, you just aren't sure whether or not someone actually looked at the RAID options or just took someone else's word for it.

After having purchased the unit, installed the latest BIOS (fn25s01o), what have I discovered? The answer is... Nope, no RAID5.

The SN25P has 4 SATA ports and it isn't hard to put a disk drive under the optical drive. It even has a SATA power plug for a disk in that location.

The current BIOS also doesn't have Intel's newish feature of allowing you to take two disks and have a RAID1 set on part of the disk and a RAID0 set on the rest of the disk.

So, to my former self, you would have been better off just planning to put a floppy in that bay and not thinking that you could optimize things by having 3 disks in a RAID5.

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